Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Y-Yacht Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “us”) protects your personal data as follows.

1.Importance Awareness of Protecting Personal Data

We treat your personal data, which could identify you as a specific individual, appropriately, and protect it strictly under proper management system.

2.How We Handles Your Personal Data

(1)About Development of Personal data Protection Management System
• We build personal data protection management system based on JIS Q 15001, so that we can protect your right and privacy securely. Also, to make the system stronger, we organize statements and effective internal rules to protect your personal data, and the system to handle your personal data properly.
• We keep improving the personal data protection management system depending on inner/outer circumstances.
• We document and announce our privacy policy in our website or in other ways.

(2)Compliance To Laws
• We will comply with the laws and the regulations provided for the protection of personal data and guidelines issued by government agencies of Japan.
• We responsibly answer upon your request about our personal data protection.

(3)How We Collect, Use, or Disclose Your Personal Data
• We collect your personal data that needed only to operate our business.
• We use your personal data for only the purpose clearly notified to you.
• We use your personal data only for the specific purpose, except in compliance with JIS Q 15001. We properly deal things to prevent your personal data from being used for any other unexpected purpose.
• In the case we outsource our operation to other companies, we request them to operate under proper personal data protection system.
• We will not, without your prior consent, disclose your personal data to third parties except in compliance with JIS Q 15001.

(4)About Personal data Protection Management and Rights Protection
• We are aware of risks relating to personal data, such as illegal access, leak, loss, corruption, infringement of rights, and inappropriate usage, so that we can prevent them being occured.
• We react quickly if any problem related to personal data, claim or incident including risk relating to personal data, is occurred, and then develop preventive steps.
• We properly answer and react against your questions, claims, consultations, and requests about the protection of your personal data. To do so, we set up a personal data consultation center to act appropriately against questions, claims, consultations, and requests.

Date of Establishment: May 01, 2007
Last Revised: May 01, 2007
Y-Yacht Co., Ltd.
President Sawako Terada

Personal data Consultation Center

If you want to contact us about our personal data protection, send e-mail with your name, mailing address, and your comment on to the e-mail address below, or call us to the number below. We also accept the disclosure request of your information we have.

E-mail Address
Telephone Number
To: Personal data Consultation Center

Y-Yacht Co., Ltd. is committed to protect your personal data that you share with us.
We use your personal data only to reply your contact, or the personal data we get for recruiting purpose, we never use it for any other purpose.
Any personal data we get is treated in the appropriate limited purpose.