Corporate mission

Corporate Motto

社是 礼節 創造 信頼

Management Principles

We hope for the happiness of society and individuals, acting as a bridge for a new lifestyle which is in tune with the demands of the times.
To achieve this, we maintain a corporate environment where people collaborate and grow while developing products, as well as creating and providing new business with our domestic and international partners with our reliable and cooperative relationships.

Greetings from the president

Since our foundation in 1945 and establishment as Y-Yacht Co., ltd. in 1949, we have grown as a trading company handling products for department and specialty stores, with a focus on kitchen and diningware. We are currently engaged in the wholesale business, which has been our core business since our establishment, as well as the product development which is engaged in the agency business for overseas brands and joint development of products with domestic and overseas manufacturers. We also run a Digital media Business that provides sales and information by utilizing various digital medias, the Gift catalog Business offers catalogs from a various price range, the Retail Business operates stores specializing in kitchenware, and the Logistic Business operates its own customer service center and third party logistic service. Through these six businesses, we offer a full range of kitchen and dining-based lifestyle solutions to a wide range of customers.

In February of 2022, 74 years after our founding, we will return to our founding spirit and look toward the future. We have rebranded ourselves in order to become a company that all people can relate to. Firstly, we have restored the company’s symbol mark to its original design of a yacht from the time of the company’s founding. We also reaffirmed our desire to help our customers enjoy a higher standard of living, like an elegant voyage, and to help live a richer everyday life, while actively offering environmentally friendly products. We will continue to strive to be a bridge to a new living style to meet the needs of the ever-changing times.

We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

Sawako Terada
Representative Director, President
Y-Y Yacht Co., Ltd.

SDGs Vision
We aim to enhance our social corporate value through SDGs activities.

  1. 01

    Introduction and development of ethical products, information dissemination, and SDGs proposals in daily life

  2. 02

    Contributing to the community and society, healthy and enriched working life.

    • ・Promotion of women’s activities
    • ・Next Generation Support
    • ・Respect for Human Rights
  3. 03

    Initiatives for a recycling-oriented and decarbonized society

    • ・Circular Economy Promotion
    • ・Zero-waste initiatives
    • ・Supply Chain Coordination
01Valuable Living Style 02Happiness of the community and workers 03Environmental conservation Responding to changes in the social environment